Hmong Xieng Khuang headdress

Embed from Getty Images

This beautiful headdress is typical of Hmong originating from the Xieng Khuang Province of Laos. It is worn by women and girls only. It is created by wrapping the head with one long piece of gauze-like fabric, which produces a turban-style look. The headdress is finally finished with a black and white striped fabric called a siv ceeb, which crosses right above the middle of the forehead bringing attention to the face.

The turban itself varies in color from bright indigo, to the pictured darker purple, to black. This black and white siv ceeb is very traditional, however this too can also vary greatly, especially with more modern types of ribbon and sashes available.

Hair is usually pulled up and tucked into the headdress, pulled into a ponytail as pictured, or a bun. Traditionally, women wear their hair only partly tucked in at the back of the headdress.


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