Flower Hmong

Sheng Lor, another talented Hmong Sister, shares the inspiration for her Spring 2014 collection.


My source of inspiration begins from within; that is my memory, my culture, and my connection to the Hmong diaspora. This time as I was thinking of designing for spring, I remembered the Hmong community in Vietnam often referred to as “Flower Hmong.” They are called so because their garments are colorful and bright, which are in stark contrast to the dark indigo-dyed garments of their “Black Hmong” neighbors. Both styles of dress and dressmaking are beyond beautiful.


For my spring collection, I chose a style of headscarf worn unanimously by Flower Hmong women as my source of inspiration. I designed my scarves from what I thought I remembered them to look like– very bright, very colorful, plaid, multicolored plaid stripes, and maybe in twill weave. I had read somewhere that the scarves they wear were machine-made and sold to them by Chinese vendors. I found that a little disappointing…

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