Hmong toddler/baby hat

Hmong Toddler/Baby Hat

Hmong Toddler/Baby Hat

This beautiful Hmong toddler/baby hat was made with love by my mom and sister. It was hand-made with a close attention to detail. The vibrant choice of colors, beading, and silver make it one of a kind – just like the cute kid wearing it!

The hat measures 22 inches around at the base, and 6 ½ inches from the top of the hat to the bottom edge. It is quite heavy due to the amount of silver coins attached to it. The diameter of each coin is about the size of a penny, but the thickness is closer to a dime.

Hmong Toddler/Baby Hat

Hmong Toddler/Baby Hat

Amazingly, there are a total of 115 silver coins on this hat:

24 coins on the first row on the crown of the hat,
46 coins in the middle row, and
45 coins in the last row, nearest the base of the hat.

Not pictured is one silver bell, which dangles from the bottom of the string of beads that hangs from one side of the hat. The string of beads starts right above where the top of the ear hits the hat. A loop sits on the opposite side of the hat, above the other ear, where the bell can be inserted in order for the string of beads to hang underneath the chin, as pictured.

It is a rare occasion that I see babies wearing these hats anymore, and when I do they are usually not adorned with silver coins. I say, who needs a special occasion to dawn one these beautiful hats? Lets bring it back already!

Special thanks to my mom and sister for this beautiful piece of Hmong art!


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