Boy Hmong Thai shirt

Boy Hmong Thai Shirt

Boy Hmong Thai Shirt

This is a beautiful boy Hmong Thai shirt. Traditional Hmong Thai clothes are bright and colorful. This type of shirt for both men and boys does not cover the entire torso. It only comes down to the bottom of the rib cage. Appropriate pants to match this shirt would be Hmong pants that are similar to harem pants or those associated with Green Hmong (Hmoob leeg).

Hand-made knots with traditional Hmong silver bells serving as buttons

Hand-made knots with traditional Hmong silver bells serving as buttons

This shirt includes a combination of intricate needlework, cross-stitch, and applique work. My favorite part of the shirt are all of the hand-made knots that have been sewn onto the side of the front panel. Attached to the knots are traditional Hmong silver bells that serve as buttons and decorative pieces. Only the first two bells, the one directly below the neck and the next one below it, actually have corresponding knots sewn onto the left panel of the shirt to serve as closures.



The border of the shirt starts right below the neck, running down the side of the front panel, and wraps around the entire width of the bottom of the shirt. The border consists of applique work in the traditional colored pattern of pink, green, pink, white, and black. This shirt includes some cross-stitch detail in the border and additional applique diamonds of white fabric with added contrasting stitch work in pink and blue in the center of the border, which that brings a unique touch to the shirt.


3 thoughts on “Boy Hmong Thai shirt

    • Hi Cheyenne,
      Unfortunately, I do not have a pattern at this time. However, if I ever get to that point, I will be sure to share it on my blog. So, stay tuned! Thank you for reading The Art of Hmong Embroidery!

  1. Is there a mean to the designs of the shirt to be on either the right or on the left side? I’f heard from a friend that for men shirt’s the design is on the left side and for women it is on the left side. Just wanted to know.

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