Flower pattern

Flower Pattern Sev

Flower Pattern Sev

This is my latest creation, actually it is more accurate to say may latest completed creation. I started this sev about four years ago and just recently finished it.

Why so long? This sev ended up being my ‘back-burner’ project. I only ever worked on it between other projects (I get side tracked easily when it comes to sewing).

Flower Pattern

Flower Pattern

This sev uses a beautiful rotating flower pattern that I got from my sister-in-law. My two flowers were blue and pink, and orange and purple. I chose bright colors to make the petals really stand out. Orange and purple don’t normally go together, but I chose these two colors for one of my flowers because the contrasting colors are visually appealing.

The pattern was sewn on white 14-count cross-stitch fabric that has multi-colored tinsel weaved throughout.

One flower measures two inches. The complete sev measures 35 ½” inches long (17 flowers) and 6 ¼” inches wide (3 flowers). These measurements are for the cross-stitch only and does not include backing. Your sev may vary in length and width depending on how long you prefer your sevs or how tall you are. This one was made to go all the way from the waist down to the feet.


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