Life in color

Polly Photography

Polly Photography captures the beauty of life in color with vibrant Hmong clothes in this stunning photograph.

The bead work on the cuffs and sev of the woman’s outfit is intricate and beautiful. The blue print of the fabric of her shirt gives an amazing glistening effect. The green ribbon lining the black and white rick-rack on her headpiece pulls in the bright variations of greens from her skirt.

The man’s outfit is understated, but beautiful. He is wearing a cross-stitched sash around his waist, which has been beaded with silver coins

Both are wearing traditional Hmong silver necklaces, which are referred to in Green Hmong as paug or in White Hmong as xauv. This type of silver necklace is traditionally worn by the many different White Hmong clans and are mostly associated with Hmong originating from Xieng Khuang and Luang Prabang provinces of Laos.

Special thanks to Polly Photography and her work in her Hmong Love Tales photo series!


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