Boy’s Hmong Thai shirt pattern

Boy's Hmong Thai front shirt pattern.

Boy’s Hmong Thai front shirt pattern.

I received a special request from a reader to post some Hmong patterns for boys and men Hmong attire. I do my best to honor all requests, so here goes!

I have two boys, an 11-year old and a one-year old. So, even though I sew a lot of women’s/girls Hmong clothing, I do sew men’s/boys Hmong outfits too.

This is a project I recently finished for my one-year old. It is the front panel for a boy’s Hmong Thai shirt. It looks real big in the photo above, but it is actually quite small measuring only 5 ½ inches tall and 4 ¼ inches wide. This was cross-stitched on Aida 15-count cross-stitch fabric or what Hmong people refer to as small or ntaub mog.

This is a quick and easy pattern that is widely used for other items of Hmong clothing. I have seen this pattern used a lot in Hmong sashes for women, which they hang silver coins from, and wear around their waists.

Unlike many of the White Hmong male shirts, this shirt will not cover the entire torso. It will be cut so that the bottom of the shirt sits right along the bottom of the rib cage. Yes, that means some mid-rif, but boys/men usually where a shirt underneath so no bare skin is actually exposed. The shirt will have sleeves that will run the entire length of the arm ending at the wrist. I will probably use a black fabric with some sheen for the exterior and a true-blue cotton for the lining of the interior. The blue lining will be exposed at the wrist as a cuff. I will not be making any additional cross-stitched pieces for the cuff, like what would normally be done for a female shirt.

The staircase pattern in the upper right section of the piece pictured above is associated with both female and male Hmong Thai attire. The males in this Hmong group wear pants that are similar to harem pants. Please note I said ‘similar’ they are by no means harem pants/parachute pants. These pants are very different from White Hmong pants, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, similar to a bell-bottom.

Once the shirt is complete, I will post an update!

If you want to see more of something or have a special request for something specific, please comment below or send me message by using the Contact page.


2 thoughts on “Boy’s Hmong Thai shirt pattern

    • It’s my pleasure! I really enjoy sewing and am glad to be able to share with all my readers. I am hoping to have a completed outfit for an updated by the end of December. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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