No pain, no gain

Pre-printed Hmong skirts.

Pre-printed Hmong skirts.

These are beautiful pre-printed Hmong skirts. Some of the smaller skirts have elastic waistbands, not a feature of a traditional Hmong skirt. The pleats in these skirts will never flatten.

Remember when you really had to contemplate over which skirt to wear because you didn’t want to have to sew up the pleats of one more skirt or more importantly ‘that’ skirt? You know which one I’m talking about – the one that was the prettiest because of all the pretty applique details – the one that was the most painful to drive a needle and thread through because of all the layers of that beautiful applique work? Yeah, that one!

It’s all fun and games until you have to pleat a Hmong skirt back up again. I suppose that is an upside to pre-printed Hmong skirts with forever pleats.

But, what is that old saying?

‘No pain, no gain.’

As pretty and convenient as pre-printed Hmong skirts are, they just don’t quite get the job done. Break out your authentic Hmong skirts and wear them to Sacramento Hmong New Year next week. I want to see them!


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